About US

IYC (International Youth Camp) is affiliated to Shanghai United Culture Communication Co., ltd.. Since 2008, we have worked with East China Normal University for international education and training. Later on, we collaborate the training programs with Shanghai training center of UNITAR (United Nations Institute for training and research) and International Education Association Shanghai. In June 5, 2015, the United Nations (UN) issued a global outlook and plan for the new journey and action - facing 2030, and proposed 17 2030 sustainable development goals, and the whole world is responding positively. With China on the world political, economic and cultural arena to shine, China's status in the United Nations is also rising. It is in this global context, IYC combined with the East China Normal University academic support, international resources of the United Nations and the international educational strength of International Education Association Shanghai, to carry out domestic and foreign various United Nations theme teaching and activities, aims to cultivate the world pattern and international vision of youth the United Nations, so that more young people into the world, China bloom youth brilliance.